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Dreaming Day by Day Series: #9

Hello Dreamers!

It's the new year and looks like many developments and progress are continuing to roll into 2018. Reflecting back on 2017, my goal on this blog was to create and share conversation and valuable content on my art practice and art exploration. Last year, I had the chance to travel to places I have never been to before and continue practicing work I enjoyed doing. While I was successful in gaining knowledge and experience in the designated field, this year I intend to pick up the pace and take things further.

I would say 2017 was a big year for me; venturing into the art world and the unknown, I had the strongest desire to land a career that can take me to places where I aim to be. Taking the first step of volunteering at art organizations and supporting local art, I made connections and gained new skills and developed different ways of thinking. While I am continuing my search for that "foot into the door" and volunteering (at the best places on Earth), I thought I was still at the same place I was before; reusing my skills and recycling my knowledge without much progress. Perhaps things weren't moving as quickly as I hoped. However, looking back at myself when I was fresh out of university, I am a different person than I was back then. I had a period where I had my BFA in my hand and thought "Now what?". I had many aspirations and dreams and yet I didn't have a singular goal of what and who I wanted to be. Reality had hit.

I tried my hand at volunteering as Gallery Attendant and Gallery Exhibition Assistant when I first started and met with people who saw my potential. I stayed connected to people who shared the same passions and contemplated thoughts on who I wanted to be as a practicing artist. With 2018 rolling, I now have a clear thought on what path I wanted to take. While I was working as a volunteer, I got to truly understand the values of art learning and art contribution and what they meant to the public of young and old. I was able to provide my own expertise and engage with many behind the scenes in terms of planning, creating and collaborating. With that in mind, two words came out of my head.

Art Collaborator.

That is what I will be and will strive to become.  

Progress is progress and I will get somewhere. Maybe not right away; surely but slowly, I will.

I hope you enjoyed this personal chat with me and stay with me on this journey through 2018. To my dreamers, I wish you all a Happy New Year, to never giving up your dreams and staying positive. We will all get there someday! 

Look forward to more updates on my next blog post!

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