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Dreaming Day by Day Series: 13 P2

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Hello Dreamers!

ArtStarts Gallery has created Phase 2 for the "Movement is for Every Body" exhibition! Incorporating a pop-up dance floor and DJ booth, the public can now partake in dancing and lively body movements in the studio space! Join in to play with the sounds and tempo of the music, interact with PatternNation's interactive blob project and roam around the dance floor with our very own ballet bars! With a floor to ceiling mirror installation, the gallery invites you to PLAY, MOVE and DANCE in our DIY dance studio.

Bounce. Hop. Jump up and down ... and swing around! Free your body to the rhythm of the music; let your limbs, eyes, fingers, mouths, face and hips join in with the dancing! Small, subtle movements to gigantic, grand gestures; it's all up to you!

Here is a snippet of me gluing PVC pipes together with cement paste, hence the mask! Can you guess what I'm making? Come check it out at the ArtStarts Gallery!

Open until Spring 2019, join us in the gallery and take part in our gallery space!

Accessible to everyone and Every Body!

We are open Tuesday to Saturday at 10am - 4:30pm!

More updates in my next blog post!

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