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Dreaming Day by Day Series: 13

Hello Dreamers!

We got a new exhibition coming up at ArtStarts! There has been lots of changes happening in the gallery with the de-install and preparation. I'm excited to see how the show looks when it is all complete! This new exhibition is called "Movement is for Every Body" and it demonstrates different ways of the body anatomy and how we use our body in everyday life. Whether it is through dancing or posing, the students have demonstrated various ways we can move our bodies.

The concepts the students have come up with to showcase that is beyond amazing. There were some "Frankenstein" models and silhouette displays, just to name a few. The colour palette chosen for the exhibit was bright and vivid, it complimented the models well. In addition, there will be some silhouette projections that the public can make of their own! This interactive space will be one playful exhibition!

"Movement for Every Body" opens on Thursday, July 26! I can't wait to see it come to life, can you?

More to come!

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