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Dreaming Day by Day Series: #8

Hello Dreamers!

I'm back at ArtStarts and I got to work with my hands again. This time it's with modelling clay for a Saturday workshop! Since there were lots of prep work to set-up for, I prepared each chunk of modelling clay, cut and molded into their own little cubes. Meant to be easily accessible for the family and kids, I cut a variety of colours for them to play and mix with. There were so many colours; we had yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and everything else! I got to make a template for the kids to model after. The theme was to create a story through an image out of clay! It was very tactile and visually creative!

Colours: White, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Fuchsia, Red, Light Blue, Blue, Light Green, Green, Purple, Black

I ended up coming up with a lifeguard scene at the beach. Since the active part of the workshop is to run for 45 minutes, I timed myself to only work on it for that set amount of time. Even with the time constraints, I was able to create a piece and enjoy it. My hands were black and blue, though not in bruises and broken bones! With so many colours to play with, my hands and fingers would inevitably become muddy! Its messy AND FUN! I channeled my inner child again.

We hold "ArtStarts on Saturday" workshops both at the River Market in New Westminster and in the gallery space on Richards St. during the last Saturday of every month! We also hold "ArtStarts Explores" which happen every Saturday except the "ArtStarts on Saturday" here in the gallery space! What a great way to spend time together with your family than together making something new! Plus you can take this one home as a keepsake to admire and remember.

Look for more updates on my next blog post!

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