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Dreaming Day by Day Series: #7

Hello Dreamers!

I had the absolute pleasure to install a show at Malaspina Printmakers. Malaspina Printmakers is "a non-profit artist-run centre that advances education, promotes excellence in the art form, and increases the public's understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and print media". I started volunteering with them in March this year as Gallery Attendant; helping at front desk with print sales, studio rentals, customer service and tours. Every December, we hold a holiday show that showcases and promotes artwork made by studio regulars and volunteers of Malaspina Printmakers. I had the opportunity to individually put up spectacular work of our staff, technicians and artists.

It was a different experience putting up prints from such a wide variety of mediums. We got to display such a range of techniques, from silkscreen-printing to intaglio to lithography. The prints showcasing this year demonstrate a great amount of skill, talent and hard work. I enjoyed installing them along the gallery space. Despite the fractions involved, I had so much fun! The way the prints were laid out were so visually appealing and perfect. Every print complimented each other, the details and colours from each one are vast!

Why don't you see for yourself?   

Malaspina Printmakers is showcasing our Holiday Show all throughout December! Feel free to visit and take a look around! All are welcome!

We are open Monday to Friday from 10am-5pm and Weekends and Holidays from 11am-5pm!

Look forward to future projects on my next blog post!

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