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Dreaming Day by Day Series: #6

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Hello Dreamers!

I had the privilege to go to Seoul, Korea! 

Having saved up quite a while to go on this trip, I finally had the chance to travel with a close friend of mine. Since this was my first time going overseas in Asia, I thought I should document my travels here as well. Where else can I get my inspiration than somewhere new!

Last year, I was fortunate to go to Europe and visit places such as Croatia, Italy, Greece and Spain. The architecture there was amazing. It carried so much history and art, I loved every bit of it. The food and the culture was beyond than what I could imagine. It felt like I was being plopped into a painting, it didn't feel real. I visited a great number of churches and castles; the walls, the ornate windows and the streets were fantastical. The streets were narrow enough that no cars could venture through. In other places, there were canals and no roads! I absorbed as much as I could. I could see the influence of their architecture and structures in my work but being there was surreal and magical. 


Now that I visited Korea this past October, the experience was just as riveting. I visited palaces, parks, Hanok Village, Nami Island, Petite France from Little Prince, cafes and the list goes on. On top of being way and above beyond excited, I can't wait to see how my experience will be interpreted through my work and how I will merge the diverse range of cultures.

Hanok Mural Village

I noticed a great variety of influence of art murals among the subway line. With Seoul's vast subway unit, I had many chances to spot small to large size mural and art installations. There were some pieces that incorporated interactive play. With the digitized generation today, you are encouraged to take selfies and photos as an active participant of the work. The installation encourages the pubic to physically interact with the piece, for that perfect photo. The artwork along the subway lines and along the streets were different from what I normally see on the streets of Vancouver or in Europe for that matter. Perhaps I only specifically visited popular tourist spots in Seoul, but they carried characteristics that neither Vancouver nor the places within Europe I visited before have. It was more than visually "seeing" the work that makes it appealing but also "being" INSIDE the work.  It was amazing how easy it was to place myself into that particular space, like a character in a TV cartoon. 

“Petit France is a small village theme park located in Gyeonggi Province. The village was inspired after a children’s book, “Little Prince”. A popular romantic destination for young couples, Petit France surrounds itself in pastel houses, dolls, and a small theatre. This is the definition of a children’s book fairytale come true!”

Nami Island

Such examples are in Namiseon Island...I love how the balloons were hanging between the row of trees.

Namiseon Island is one of the known destinations that attracts a great number of tourists. Setting itself apart from the city of Seoul, Namiseon Island is concentrated with trees and wildlife. Music was coming out of the speakers and purposefully altered installations emitted sweet vibes. It was magical and almost romantic. Perhaps, I was looking through my artist eye everywhere I went, it was as if each landscape was an art piece that anyone can participate and envelope themselves in. It was as if I was in a children's storybook. It was daebak! 

A snippet of something new from an awe-inspiring adventure! Hopefully my Dreamers are inspired too!

Look forward to more on my next blog post!

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