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Dreaming Day by Day Series: 12 P2

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Hello Dreamers!

As a continuation from the previous blog post, I had a chance to engage with the public on the exhibition currently showing at Malaspina Printmakers. It was eye-opening to see how many people engaged with the show and with the prints overall. Since some had a few questions about the exhibition, I thought it would be great to write a didactic for the show and post it here as well. Now titled, Unexplored Minds, this exhibition is worthwhile to see! 

Unexplored Minds explores the inner consciousness and identifies themes of the otherworldly, strange, extraterrestrial, and magical. 

This exhibition includes works that use a range of printmaking methods, including lithography, silkscreen, mixed-media, intaglio, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, chine-colle, and digital printing. Each piece triggers an aspect of the inner mind, manifested through images that chart the discovery of, and escape from, our dreams and curiosities. There lies the fluid intersection between the worlds of the real and virtual, where strong emotions, such as fear, often bridge the two together. 

Unexplored Minds critiques how society makes us question the strangeness we hold within ourselves. Through storytelling and connecting the two adjoining worlds, this exhibition pushes the boundaries of how we insert ourselves into multiple dimensions, and create within them, thereby furthering our expansion and growth into the unknown. The artworks on display investigate and reflect our inner consciousness by delving into our deepest thoughts and feelings and projecting them on to the real world.

Featuring prints by local and international artists, including Donato Mancini, Ben Duncan, Gillian Armitage, Su Jin Lim, John Graham, Mariko Ando Spencer, Anais Gerber, Hei Lam Ng, Tomiyuki Sakuta, Rina Pita, Kefn Pattern, Andreea Mateescu, William Steinberg, and Masataka Kuroyanagi.

With the help of the Executive Director, hopefully it helped my Dreamers get the gist of the overall exhibition. 

On another note, a customer told me the show reminded him of a film, which I thought would be great to share with you Dreamers as well. It is called "Fantastic Planet", released in 1973, otherwise known as "La Planete Sauvage". It is an animated sci-fi film directed by French director René Laloux, telling a story set in a distant Ygam planet where Oms humans have been enslaved and become playthings of the Draags who were their giant blue native inhabitants. When I looked into it further, it was very interesting how he made the connection between the two. It was so great to see how the show gave inspiration to others and reminded them of other resemblances in life. 

In what ways has the Unexplored Minds exhibition inspired you?

Until next time...

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