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Dreaming Day by Day: Series #1

Hello Dreamers! 

Welcome to my first post "Dreaming Day by Day" Series #1

A little short introduction about myself. I am a print-media based artist, constantly exploring new ways to integrate my practice into the everyday. After leaving the nest of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, I found myself contemplating reoccurring thoughts on how to approach conversation on alternate realities within dreams and how they fit in the spectrum of the social construct. The start of my series "Dreaming Day by Day" will be about myself, as an emerging artist, soaking in the magic that ties itself within the art community and connecting to Dreamers what it means to continue dreaming.

Covering topics of utopia to art-expression, I encourage you to follow me on the process of art making, art creating and art dreaming.

Look forward to more discussions on my blog post and updates. 

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